Tuesday, 16 July 2013

{ anxiety and personalities }

hello darlings Its has been been long time since my last post im sorry! I hope you are all good and enjoy the sunshine that's still out! i have been okay I went through quite a stressful week as the boys were going camping which means i had too stay away from my husband and my furbabies some people would think oh what's wrong with her its only a day away but no its not only a day i felt very lost with out him i had a couple of anxiety attacks and i felt so hopeless!! its not a nice place too be when your life is run by anxiety ive seen tooo many people including myself life get ripped apart :( sometimes i have just giving up its such an easy thing to do but once you give up you think of how far you have come and how much you have tried too fight it so just too suddenly give up is such a silly thing too do! then you feel like there is a lot of pressure with personal problem and its making me feel worse! but all i do is take each day as it comes do u ever feel like you are two different people? like you have too different personalities? sometimes i feel really happy and my confidence is really good, but then im randomly in a completely different place and i feel scared and alone? ive had the happy side alot and i can feel myself being the old person i used too be, as ill get up and clean up all day, and not use the internet till the night time and ive started reading again no just me? okay.

i read on the news today that the very beautiful talia lost her life today! :( the 13 year old girl was such an inspirational young girl who always had a smile on her face no matter what pain she was in, and that was no just too peole her age it was just older people who were suffering with cancer neuroblastoma has been a well none name in our family my little niece was 2 when we found out she had it in july 2009, it was such a horrible experence we would travel up too see her in yorkshire while she was going through all the horrible stuff that you have too have inside the hospital im so glad my beautiful neice is living too tell her story. and what talias went through and she did leave her hand prints and foot prints in the world r.i.p beaitiful little butterfly 'just keep swimming' talia castellano 1999-2013 <3

SO lets add some good things too the post! eeeek. so ive lost another 4pounds so im very very happy and proud of my self! and its coming up too tommys birthday and my sisters and wedding 7 years wedding anniversary so im verry excited about that!:}  .im sorry that this post had been alittle bit up and down maybe tomorrow it will be a uplifting post.

good night and god bless bye bye dollys.