Thursday, 17 October 2013

{ Ins and outs }


Autumn & sweater weather
i do love summer! but autumn is my all time favourite season! ever, i love coming back home
and putting the kettle on and  making a nice hot chocolate! i just love big massive cute jumpers with layered leggings! 

I adore!! reading,  in my little reading corner,  with a nice drink and a fluffy pjs or cover

Hearing people's good news
i love good news makes me smile for days, but i do prefer my good news 

Ive never played it, but i love all the little quotes the game comes out with!  'your beautiful, just like me'

I LOVE CATS! if your a cat person you must be a good person right?! i have too little kittys who are the apple of my eyes they cheer me up more than i could ever explain! they both bring different things too my life like the older cat (12) i fat and lazy and always trys sitting on my clean washing of covers lol. where as my little girl cat (12months) loves nothing better than jumping on the highist things in my house! i love them both so much 

Mmm! I LOVE TEA! though normal tea gives me headaches so i drink herbal tea! NOM 


I really dont mind them, there kinda just there lol, but i have heard about the fake widow spider looming around. eeek! 

Staining a top you love
HATE THIS but i use vanish or oxy and they come straight out! ^_^

Awful customer service
I dont phone customer service so i dont no lol!