Sunday, 20 October 2013

{ Whats In Your Bag? }

hello darlings! 
today i thought i would do a what's in my bag! tag! and i tag the beautiful Jojo I adore really plain bags, and not carrying bags shoulder bags, im a very fussy person when it comes too bags, they have too be small and idea too carry around everywhere, so i dont really carry much inside but i thought i would do it anyway, i may do a what in my college back next year but thats ahead of time! so im going too jump straight into it soo here we go! 

This bag is just a plain grey one i got for £15:50 from peacocks it from last year's summer range so i highly doubt its still there! but keep a look out they have it in black, white, blue, pink & gray! but i got the grey one because i love the color and i wear alot a gray! but i really want the black one and its not there so boom!hoom! :( sooo heres my back and my shizz...

okay this is very random and kinda awkward i never checked what was in my bag from a couple of days ago when i was at my mums for the day O.o  so....

  1. Woman's thing'ees *blush* 
  2. Paracetamol and naproxen  (have a sprained back&shoulder from taekwondo)
  3. Inhale
  4. Tissues
  5. Britney spears curious body cream
  6. lip barms, bubblegum extra and a lollypop
  7. Earphones
  8. 2 sets of keys, friends house and my
  9. earing my sister got me 
  10. my pretty purse which you can buy on ebay

Byebye dolly's xox