Tuesday, 5 November 2013

{ Bucket List }

My life has been full of obstacles, but I have never let any of them bring me down. whatever doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger?.
Though I do have all my ambitions, I still enjoy the small things in life the most - taking walks in the morning with the crisp breeze ruffling my hair, sleeping in, a baby’s laugh. Finding enjoyment in the smallest things is something I love.

Bucket List.

  1. Perfect my drawing techniques 
  2. become a mummy one day
  3. become a black belt
  4. go too college
  5. meet tim burton
  6. have my own library.
  7. get married again
  8. Learn to speak
    • french
    • Japanese
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Koren
    • chines
  9. give money too the poor
  10. start writing  novel.
  11. Create my own video game.
  12. find a cure for depression
  13. become a zooolagist 
  14. make a website better and bigger than fb
  15. not too be as scared at the world
  16. Work for either myself  
  17. kiss under a blossom tree
  18. be a size 8 again
  19. travel the world
  20.  everybody in my family too be happy
  21. walk through the Amazon Rainforest.
  22. have 2 cats
  23. Learn how to play the guitar perfectly
  24. have my own photography studio
  25. Visit:
    • China
    • devon
    • Japan
    • Island
    • Singapore
    • Thailand
    • India
    • Australia
    • usa
    • London, England
    • Paris, France
    •  Italy
    • Egypt
  26. Personalize my own tattoo and get it done. or someone else too <3
  27. Go to an anime convention in full cosplay