Friday, 15 November 2013

{ Write nice comment here }

Alot of people around here have forgotten how too be nice latley!  *sobs* im seeing the mean fairys sprinkling there mean mood powder all over everybody/thing im a very soft person like a tiny mouse lol! when people say anything bad a run away and mentally torment myself for days! and days! i think that blogging has really helped with my mental problems latly as i get alot of negative and nasty comments! they tell me im doing everything wrong ' i dont blog enough'  'i do the wrong blog post's' ' i post silly photos' and even stuff like 'why are you a blogger'  
I dont need too tell you how too be a nice person you should already no! dont need too  tell you too smile, always have manners, give flowers too you loved ones or even write silly little notes to your friends or family.. Do every single one of them things its just very loving an warm hearted man its what i do all the time! im very corny. BUT just remember before you write something online always think would i say that too there face? is it kind? is it going too upset them?   ive just seen alot of people get so many hates and nasty comments under there post's latly! and on tumblr there has been some bad things happen so please think before you write.