Friday, 13 December 2013

{ December favourites (so far) }

 hello darlings! here is my December favourites so far! :)

1.Alberto balsam: coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner its made my hair feel really soft and shiney! i have always liked alberto's shampoo but this ones a must!! 

2.Radox passion fruit splash its amazzzing leaves your skin feeling really soft and makes you feel really fresh and clean! 

3. rimmles nail polish in its doesnt have a number at the bottle so i cannot tell you the shade so i do apologias 

4. Ive always been a fan of britneys spears perfume fantasy but the last 2 weeks i have wore it every single day and really loving the sweet smell  

5. Wilko's coconut body butter! omgosh this smells good enough too eat!!! (but dont lol ;) ) it leaves you feeling really fresh and smooth like a babys bottom! lol! but i would really recommend it its a reallly strange consistency but dont be scared about that 

6. MY FAVOURITES OF DECEMBER! candy canes they just make me feel happy and taste amazing and remind me of xmas! so get lots and lots!   

Merry seasons! lots of love xoxox


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