Wednesday, 4 December 2013

{ Hello December }


How are all my darlings good i hope :) this is alittttle late ( 4days ) i really cannot believe its December allready!! time is really flying by like a little owl in the night sky! this month has been giving me really bad anxiety! with xmas coming up and my little brothers birthday! and lots of xmas party's and new year so my heads been a little all over the place thinking about pressys cards, how too get the stuff down too Manchester with out it being a arm and a leg in postage! so this year i decided not too get xmas decorations! ( which im quite sad about ) but moneys very tight atm so i decided too make some xmas decorations instead and spend any extra money on xmas presents instead and maybe next year get very xmasssy in my new house ( once i pick it but that's a next year story )  

November has been pretty good for me with being able too get on the bus on my own in about 10 years! and ive been feeling very well lately and taekwondo's been awesome apart from not being able too do grading this time boohoo, but it only because i didnt feel very ready too go ahead with it, so im just going too go along and watch my fellow taekwondo people and support them while they go ahead with there grading :) and im sure there will be a tagb post after that :) we also have a awards evening in February too look forward too but im not too sure what i shall be doing too represent us all just yet! 

Anyways i cannot explain how excited i am till christmas and new year it will be my first on in about 4 and a half year!!! and before that it was always my favorite holiday! well i wish you all a very nice christmas if i dont write a post before then which i more than likely will 

Byebye dollys xoxo

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