Tuesday, 31 December 2013

{ New year new me kinda thing }

• GET FITTER.  i have ate way too many mince pies and yummy treats this christmas too back too clean eating and lots of excecise! or even more as i do alot anyway! 

• READ MORE.  i have just started reading again after getting my new glasses! eeee, so my aim is too get through a list of books i have wanted too read and read them all before 2015 hehe

• WORRY LESS.  this has ALWAYS been in my new years new me lol! i worry so much about the most strangeist stuff you would really laugh at me 

• WRITE AWAY. GET A PLANNER and write all my todo's and orgernise 2014 intoo a better state :)

 BLOG MORE.  i havent been blogging as much as i would like too blog life is really busy and find myself so tierd by the time it comes too writing a blog so much more blog post comeing your way :)

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