Saturday, 25 January 2014

2014 | what in my bag

hello darlings! 
so its come too that time again!! new year new whats in my bag tag! i am still using my adorable little grey one that i got from peacocks for whaat i think was £15:50?! sorry if that's wrong been such a long time since i bought it

the bag as you can tell in the photo is verrrry loved!! i do need too buy a new little bag soon as i think i got this in 2012! oopes lol, and they have stopped on the stock of them i went in a couple of weeks ago and was like do you get these bags in?!? and the woman was like im afraid not! *crys* so im getting enough use out of it untill april when i get my birthday money too get a new cute little bag! links would be grateful if you no of any cutiesy one on sale! sooorrry guys i talk way too much lets gett started on what's in my bag! (ps there is some Christmas stuff still in there lol)   

As you can see yet again! i have some very random stuff inside my very little bag so lets gett listing and linking where you can get the stuff from  :)

  1.  notepad from b&ms where i live it was £1.99
  2. glassed where free from the opticians
  3. mua lipstick from superdrugs but they have changed the packet since last month when i bought it
  4. mua cover conceal in the shade natural which is also from superdrugs
  5. nivea soft lotion which was also from supersrugs
  6. nivea lip balm in the flavour natural milk and honey which is from superdrugs
  8. christmas cracker prize's ring and keyring (also then pen in my notepad was there to)
  9. extra lemon chewing gum
  10. inhalah
  11. earphones
  12. two nail polishes which im not sure where there from as i got them in my stocking at xmas 
  13. and y keys! 
Hope you liked my updated what in my bag! i shall do another one in a couple of months when i get my new bag! as you can tell my favorite shop in town is superdrugs!  <3