Saturday, 1 February 2014

highstreet | little purchases

Hello darlings!x

so today i went for a little girlie shopping trip with my two sister (was out 6hrs) was nice too go shopping in all the little pretty girlie shops because when i go shopping with my husband hes like oh hurry up! he hates clothes shopping bless his heart lol! so i got too go in new look! let me tell you! i wanted everything and i mean everything but my aim for the day was too get some new boots that aint ugg boots as we live near a big horrible swomp and have too walk through it too go to the local shop! so i got some nice little bits. see below for photos and prices.

as you can tell it was a very random shopping buys hehe but everything i got bar a couple of cans of cheery coke and some chocolate for my husband but i didn't see the point in adding them too the list! lol  the boots are down from £30 too £15 which i found amazing! even if the men around me who worked in the shop where really snezzy and staring at my bum and boobes! yuck :X so here is a list of how much and where they are from! 

  1. fluffy socks where from homebargins and they were 3pound
  2. the love heart candle was from darn forgot the name of the place! but it was only 1pound i will dig the price list out of my bag later and update this for you!  
  3. the cute fox and animal notebook was 5pound which i got from wilkos 
  4. the second not book i got too write down all my ideas for blogpost and for my youtube channel ive made but that wont be up for views for a couple of weeks yet untill i can get a good vlogging camara 
  5. and the boots! i got for a silly little shop called rough in the centre of where i live 

 so that's everything i bought! hope you liked my little buy post i will make sure i do it more often when i can pick the money of the little wishing tree! ;) thats all folks lots of love xox