Sunday, 19 January 2014

keeping red hair red | how too

Today i thought i should do a post on 'how i get my hair so red' i have had inbox's and questions on my google+ my hair has been like this for a month and a half now and i must say it had made me feel really self confident which is a really good feeling! so lets get to the meaning of this post.

So first of all i had too use two bottles of bleach that look like this and 2 packets of powdered bleach that looks like this they are both by the brand bblonde but in the bleach packet you only get 4 packets of powdered bleach and a packet of gloves which means you have too buy the liquid bleach separate but they are right next too the powdered bleach    , you can get them both from boots but i cannot find the link from boots so i have added the ebay place you can buy it from which is the same price in the shop!

So first of all you mix the two bottles of cream peroxide with the two packets of powdered bleach, it will go a very mucky grey color (please note that i need two two packets of powdered bleach and cream peroxide is because i have very long hair) then start adding the VERY smelly mixture on too your dry hair and section the parts for your roots and along side your head and the back of your head, and once you have done the main parts start adding this too the rest of your hair, then leave on your hair for about 90 mins! yes it burns very much an you may have a headache after and feel very tried, but not everybody will feel the same way.. so once you have had it on for the whole 90 mins, rinse it of with hot water and then shampoo with a very good shampoo and conditioner i use alberto balsam coconut and lychee shampoo  and use the matching conditioner its smells lovely and leaves you hair very soft and shiney! which is a very good thing when bleaching your hair!! then once it washed, dry it fully and wait about 20 mins till you add the red!!  

so after you have waited the little time you have left too let you hair breathe alittle bit and poured yourself some cinnamon flavoured vodka and coke ;) aye it was xmas leave me alone! so anyways back too the topic, well because your hair is verrrrry blondeorangeywhite color mine went very white on top and very orange down before my roots, start slapping it on your head! i used two packets of the red hair dye that you can get from boots i used too use this color before i bleach my hair years ago, and i love the smell the conditioner you get with it not very good and leaves your hair feeling very thin and has a horrible feeling because of the bleach but it doesn't really matter because you will be watching your haafter anyways, so you leave that on for a max of 30 mins. and look like a very strange person!

so after you have waited the whole 30 mins it says go and rinse it of wan wash your hair as normal and then blow dye then you have you very pretty colored head of hair! nenjoy your lovely new hair color and please send me some photos if you have followed my guide to beautiful red hair. xox