Saturday, 18 January 2014

10 Things About Me



1. my all time favorite food has too be chicken curry, i could just live of it.

2. I am in love with cats! they make me smile so much! amazing little ball's of fluffy love.

3.  I am scared of drowning, it been a fear since i was about 4 i really do not like water lol! 

4. I am training too be a illustrator, i love drawing on photoshop and adding all the layers together at the end.

5. I would love too have a little boy and a little girl sometime in my life.

6. I get very uncomfortable walking anywhere on my own.

7. my favorite place in the world, is properly in my house with all the things i love.

8. I adore photography ever since i was a little girl, my grandad has always been snapping photos of old buildings around where he lives, so iv always seen my grandad look at photography from years ago, and it kinda stuck too me.

9. I am the oldist of all my siblings. 

10. I love spiders.

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