Friday, 14 February 2014

Photo | whats on my phone!

Hello darlings!x

hope you all doing really good! sorry ive been lacking in blog post's im dealing with some shizz atm but ill explain more later in time! so today i thought i would do a whats on my phone?! i love watching them on youtube so i though aye why not do it but im not brave enough too show my face on the youtube world just yet so i though i would do them in photos? hope that you like this post.

So i have the note 2  in black and i LOVE it! i wanted too get a new phone but so sad too leave this phone so i decided against it and i have the rosey cath kidston case i will find out where i got it from for you and edit this post in time but it looks like this and it cos me £15 pound but it a really good case!

and here is what my phone screen looks like and what apps i have. :) 

so this is the front of the phone with a couple of apps i use on a daily bases 
  1. Music
  2. facebook messages for my other facebook so i can still get inboxes 
  3. tumblr you can follow me here 
  4. youtube i will be doing videos very soon i have some too uplode but im scared too show my face just yet lol! but you can subscribe if you would like here 
  5. whatsapp which is private
  6. playstore
  7. photos
  8. instagram which you can follow me here
  9. cocoPPa
  10. facebook

i dont like my phone messy so i hadly have much on my phone so thats why there is hardly any things on here, i delete things if i dont use them im really ocd with my phone! :$ then i have the application page as and in the folder at the bottom is stuff i cannot delete that comes with the phone.

  1. settings
  2. phone
  3. youtube 
  4. internet
  5. task manager 
  6. email
  7. vsco cam which is AMAZING! 
  8. photowonder which ive only dl today so not sure yer
  9. clock
  10. tumblr
  11. messager
  12. instasize which makes you add full images too ig
  13. bloglovin
  14. music
  15. gmail
  16. contacts
  17. playstore
  18. pinerest
  19. planner
  20. jellysplash! GO AND GET!! 
  21. video player which has romeo and juliet in atm
  22. mp3 skull music where you can dl anything for free! 
  23. maps
  24. and folder crap! 
  25. and at the bottom is the normal stuff like   text, camera, WE <3 IT!, and then home

and then this is my lock screen! 

All the photos you see i get from we heart it. hope that you liked this post

byebye darlings!

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