Friday, 14 February 2014

DIY | make my diary/agenda pretty

Hello darlings! 💗

So i have been looking on youtube and found lots of agenda's but untill i can buy my college one i decide too get a cheap notebook and make it all pretty! just for the time being hope that you like my first little DIY post. so first of all i got some cath kidston scrap paper cut out of her catalog that got sent out in Novembers issue and on the pages there was some lovely designed pages where they show off there new stock so i thought they wereway too pretty too leave getting dusty so that is why they have been added too my diary! enjoy.

So first of all you want too get your notepad and your scrap paper you have choose for the first startpage like soo..

Then glue it down! and add some little side cutouts! i have choosen too go with one that describes the page that the page is topiced on and added writing

then i have done the same for each of the different sections..

then i have done the same for the other ones too :) 

 I havent decided what too add on this one yet as im really not sure what will go with the topic just yet ideas would be nice!

Then at the back i have just added a elastic bad thing'ee and made a card holder out of a home made card i made.

 So that comes too the end of the post! hope that you like it and have fun creating your own pretty little journal/day planner. please show me photos if you do your own. thankyou! 

byebye darlings. xox