Thursday, 27 February 2014

Friday | rainy day's

wow!  Its Friday tomorrow already!  time flies way too fast lately don't no if its cos im getting old orr the world is?  i have decided too do a ' march challenge' where i shall be blogging every single day!! eeek why don't  you? it will be fun!

All it has seemed too do today is rain ! not just today the whole week its been rainy and grey! :(  i want summer! and sun and pretty light clothes *sulks in the corner sipping her hot chocolate*

Since its been raining alot i though i would do a list of things i like too do when its rainy! 

  1. Curled up in bed and red!
  2. Drink nice hot drinks
  3. Listening too mucic and having a sneaky dance!
  4. Watch movies with popcorn or a nice snack
  5. Sleep! lots! dont no what it is but that what i want too do when the weather is horrible 
  6. Eat! and eat and eat! 
  7. Watch tv cuddled

So thats my list! what do you like too do on the very wet days? :) would love too hear.

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