Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mood | under the weather?

  1. VITAMINS.  yep! your family member always say this too you don't they? well they are right! vitamin c boost your metabolism and helps fight the bug/virus and also stops you from getting ill anyway.
  2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. water helps with your hydration which helps the body fight infections and also cleanses your system.
  3. CUDDLE UP.  this will help you feel lots better and loads warmer also sweating helps lower the body temperature.
  4. SOUP.  will help with cold, sore throat, this loosens the membraines making it easier too breath and swallow, this also helps with tummy bugs as the salt helps with the infection
  5. WARM DRINKS.  as being a little girl when i have been poorly my gran has always made me a nice hot milkey tea. this helps me feel alot calm and helps my body relax 


  1. My mums always telling me to take my vitamins to help with my ulcers, I will grab some on my next shop i'll note it down so i remember :) Hope you feel better soon lovely x

    1. it just seems like the right thing doesn't it! its just a little cold be fine soon! <3