Saturday, 22 March 2014

Todo || Declutter & idea's

I am a hoarder that is all i need too say! lol, i love every little thing that gets given too me, wither its a little tiny piece of paper with a tiny heart my little sister has gave me, or the bullring/bottle top  from the first drink that my husband has bought me!  so i have decided too set a challenge for myself too get everything cleared cos in a year or so we have some exciting things coming up! so i have too de-clutter! exciting aye! so here is my to-do list even though i have it wrote down in my agenda i thought i would keep it here for you too see! and you can shout at me if i don't do it ;)


  • Clear all my clothes ready for new ones. give too charity or just give too my family!
  • Go through all my old makeup shoes, and perfume! 
  • Books that im not reading/planning on reading and give them too the co-op (they have books)
  • Cupboard space
  • Boxes and ones under the bed
  • Tommys magic cards
  • Coats
  • 'Things' i call memories i have 12 :$ (yes i know) boxes full of 'memories'

So after i got too college i will be doing  NC digital media computing so i will need too have like a little desk area for my laptop and books so i have been on we <3 it and found a couple of desk ideas i really like the look of soo here is a couple of the layout. 

images from we ♥ it
just incase someone decides to report me again. ps ive been banned too follow blogs for a month.