Monday, 7 April 2014

march and start of april || favorites

Hello how are you lovelys? so spring is finally here and its getting alott warmer hehe yay! and i can see all the lovely cherry blossom trees around my park area (i live on a massive park area and it full of them ill try getting a photo tomorrow for you) so today since March is well and truly over i thought i would share my favorites with you <3

So in products.

Glorys Rich And Foamouse Almond And Honey Milksand Oat Extract

 Chocolate Mudpack, Soup and Cucumber Peel Of and  Dead  Sea these are amazing! 

                        This is just a handwash but i makes you hands feel super soft and i used it too remove make up last week as i ran out of makeup wipes and it worked amazing!

                  MUA lash boom! and mUA intense glitter eyeliner They are really dark but look very Elegant and not 'goth' 

                     wilkos coconut body butter it really thick when you look at it but when you use it its so soft and smells amazing!! 

So in food and drink.



So in clothes.

how cute|!!

So in seasons.

So that is everything for my March/april favorites. hope you enjoyed them :)