Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Beauty Favorites

I don't really buy much beauty products i mainly stick too the same stuff all month round! don't no if thats bad lol, im just really old school and if i find something i like i don't stop buying them! BUT the last couple of month's ive found a couple of new things ive really liked and thought i would share them with you lovely's tell me if you have any of the things below and what you think of them.

1) Heel genius: this is amazing because i do alot of sport's, taekwondo, yogo, and running my heel's get so sore and i get blisters sometimes and cracked skin so when i started using this in april i was so amazed with the difference the cracks on them total cleared up, it doesn't smell as nice as normal Soap&Glory stuff but wow! please buy it! 

2) Impulse vanilla kisses: Im not really ever been a lover of impulse ive never really liked thesmell's or the packaging im normally a rollunder girl, don't really like spray's but i wanted something a little nice smelling that wasnt too heavy and wasnt purfum but was nice so i found this in superdrugs and wow i was so impressed with the smell, it smells just like vanilla and it such a nice spring smell and ideal just too throw in your bag. 

3) Hollister crystal cave:  i didnt buy this it was a pressent for my birthday but this smells so amazing it is really smooth when its been appealed, and normally i get spots and sore skin if i dont stick too my normal moisturizers, im not sure they are still doing this as its an old scent.   

sorry this was only a short favorites but thats all i seem too be liking atm beautywise! but i have been drinking alot of homemade cucumber and honey water. i shall be uploding a howtoo shortly much love<3   

whats been your favorites in april? <3