Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Birthday!

  So on the 29th it was my birthday! i went out for dinner the day before was going too go too see a film but really didnt fancy it in the end! so we went for a all you can eat Chinese and it was lovely! i had 2 big plates and dessert full nom! there really is nothing better than being with the people you adore on your bithday! i even had a nice trip too manchester this month and got spoilt for my birthday while i was up there, and also spoilt from my lovely family up in scotland and my amazing husband i love them all so much! so this post will be like a birthday haul/food post hehe! enjoy.. <3

From my family in manchester..   

From my family in scotland.. 

from my sister Gemma my nephew and brother in law

 (the cakes were yummy!)

from tommy! i have never been so spoilt in my life from him i was so moved with the pressents and time he spent picking everything my heart has melted into a million  pieces i love him lot's

and i will be speding the night in a posh hotel near the beach next week as my present from mt sister so primark here we come!! lol
as you can tell i have been a spoilt girl! none of this stuff i even asked for and im not bragging or anything just thought it would be fun too share what i got for my birthday! hope you liked this post sorry its a couple of days late im fighting of a very bad case of sinusitis xxx