Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Movie mode


This is going too be a defferent kinda post today, i thought i would share with you my all time favorite films! :) some are old and some are newish! so lets get started.

1. A walk too remember..  such a heatbreaking film! fun of teenage love, illnesses and getting caught in the rain! i adore this film, yes it makes me cry every time i watch it and what more can you want in a film?

2. The perks of being a wallflower.. this film is one of the post amazing films i ever watched in 2012! and coming from someone who has anxiety they really got it right on the spot!

3.  Now and then!! omgosh one of the most amazing teenage films i have ever seen i found this when i was about 14 and adored it and still adore it! the girls play such an amazing roll! think you should watch it right this second lol!

4.  Frequency!  this is mine and my dads film, its such a heartacher and wow! i loved it from the first day i saw it and still adore it, its an old film but has so much love in it and such a goosebumpy film, you will need tooo cuddle up with a brew and a big cover for this one!

hope you liked my favorite films!! if you would like more of these let me no as i can do this for anything really. <£