Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Week.

i really im sorry i have been a really bad  blogger for the past few weeks but ive had alot on and my brain has just not been in the writing mood, i was speanding hrs stairing at the blank white blogger page! but i have a couple of idea's for some strong blog post so look farward too that my lovely's.

here's what ive been up too in a lovely powerpoint! not really been exciting but here you go! ❤

  • Went too my mum's for my birthday tea and we played some games (was poorly on my birthday so went home early
  • Went for a run around the park
  • Got windows 8!
  • Took my nikon out
  • Spent time with my little brother and sister
  • Stayed up all night watching my favorite youtube funforlouis
  • Installed windows 8 again, -.-

and here is some instagram photos!! :D

And some exciting news, // 23 May my blog will be a year old, so im thinking of getting a .com, but am i really into the prettylittleteacupp? hmm need too have a wee think about that one, but i do love it more than anything orrr i could get butterflieshavesoul's back? we will have too seee!! lots of lovees darlings xox