Thursday, 15 May 2014

Primark haul.

Hello lovely! finally i can uplode the primark haul! its took alot of willpower not too used them untill i could take photo's 4day! so hope you like what ive bought i will try and add the price too them as i took the price of somethings while i was away like the socks as i needed some where i was away. so here we go! 

whats not happy when i realised i picked up the wrong size!

  1. jeans £7
  2. shorts  £7
  3. gray top £3
  4. white top £6
  5. blue, black and white top £2
  6. pjs both £6
  7. all three pairs of underwear £1 each
  8. socks £2:50
  9. beaded braclest £1
  10. pretty colored braclets £3
  11. hair bands £1
  12. hair brush £1:50
  13. hair thing £1:50
  14. bra £6 but wrong size!

:D so thats everything i bought from primark! hope you liked this haul.