Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sometimes we just need to escape.

     Here is my little trip away in photos!

hello sweetie's hope that you all good and enjoying this amazing weather we have been having, i dont no what it is but where ever i am and it walm i think oh i could get my washing done even when im miles away lol!, i even asked the hotel cook if he wanted me too clean up anything for him! wow lol hehe but I had a an amazing time, and im really looking farward too going back in the summer with my sisters and nephew, if you live in scotland you should really take a trip too ayr its beautiful, and full of lots of pretty little shops, and cafes, i could of stayed there for my entire life, but i had too come home! the beach and the sea make me feel so calm and i feel like i can forget all my worried just for the time im there, we went early morning about 9 too the beach and not a person insight just me and the sea and the sand i loved it! takeee me back pleaseeee. I hope you like my photos and the little time away has really made me think about my life and what too come. lots of love sweeties. <3