Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bleach nightmare.. (with photos)

what a night i had last night! i got some bblonde hair bleach that i normaly use, i even left my hair 4months with out bleaching it on the packet it say's 90 mins but this time i left it on 60 mins just because it was going blonde already, and to my horror!! my hair started falling out when i was rinsing it, but i sufer with hormone problems and though oh it just normal stuff, and added vo5 shampoo and conditioner the normal ones i use after, when i finished it was falling out in clumps! i lost more than when i go too the hair dressers! i was not in a good way </3

photo's before and afterr.

Night before with bad root's

Couple of mins before

Just put it on and waiting for the time.

Afterr shampoo.

Next day with more falling out.

I really did not no what too do i had short parts everywhere like soo..

This is before even more fell out.    

I don't really have much money too do too the 'hair doctor' so i though i would cut alittle bit and sort it out myself and here are the afters

i kinda like it, but i have a rinse too make it a pretty beachey pink, maybe!! just keep it like this for alittle bit, will not be putting cemicals on it or any heat may get some hair extentions too add my long hair back cos i really miss my fishtail braided hairrr!!!
(orr your hormones react bad too the bleach and makes your hair fall out)

hope you liked my verrrry bad moments in life? isnt my blog about lifestyle and the things inbetween? there you go sweeties. if anybody can recommend any extentions please inbox me here  thankyou xoxo