Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Current top five websites.

Hello lovely;s
sorry this post is alittle late but i found this over at my lovely friends blog I am Bee. 
And thought i would tell you my five top used websites!

Youtube has always been my all time favorite website of all time, when im sad i will just type in funny cats or go and watch my favorite vlogger Fun for louis
i will be doing youtube vids very soon Pretty little teacupp

i cannot leave my trused blogger, this is up there with all my favorite things in the world. i love how i can just write away my troubles.  Pretty Little Teacupp

I ADORE blog lovin, i love finding new and wounderfull blogs. i can fall in love with and read there storys and basicly stalk there life ;p  Pretty Little Teacupp

Awe my little pinterest obbsetion! has grown so big over the last year, helps me plan our my little life, with cute hair styles, and food and just anything you want really! x Hevvycakes x

WE <3 it is just like pinterest but alot more relaxed and less pro like, i used this alot more for adding photos too ig and around the internet. x Heather louise dillon x