Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hello my lovelys!!
hope your all super well today i thought i would write a completely different post, may get alittle lovely dovey about my husby, but do you blame me? so me and my husband have been married nearly a 10 years! in a couple of years, and we wanted too renew our wedding vowl's, but we wanted it too be something amazing!, so we though we would do something special for ourself, instead of having another verrrry expensive wedding and just have something for me and tommy, so we were talking about going japan, as me and him adore everything too do with the place, soo we though why not save up, (when tommy gets his degree, and can get a job) and go and re new them over there!!?? so yeah iknow this is a very long way away but just wanted too talk out loud and do a kinda of bucket list for japan? so hope you like this.

  1. Cherry blossom viewing   (hanami)
  2. Get re'married
  3. Go too harajuky bridge in cosplayers
  4. Watch a sumo match
  5. Go too tokyo 
  6. Go too hachinohe
  7. Go too kuroishi garden's and have a sushi picnic
  8. Make a friend there and become penpal's
  9. Walk under a cheery blossom tree and get loads of photo's took there
  10. Go too cat island on japan
  11. Go too kiyomizu dera  
  12. cat cafe in tokyo

i will add more as i think of them.