Sunday, 15 June 2014

New house ideas.

Hello lovelys 
hope your all okay, been so busy the last couple of days, ive had themes to make for people and then had fathers day and church but i though i would still make a post as i havent do one for a couple of days, i have lots of photos on my camara too uplode too here too of the little outing and finding the most cutie black bird catching her lunch so...

i have a New Page! about how i would like my new house when we have have finished saving up for our own house! eee excited, so i thought i would do a little page/post, about all the colors i would like and how i would like it all set up, iknow im not going too get it how the photo's are but i will try my hardist, i have sooo many idea's and wanted too share them with you and just keep them wrote down somewhere so i will share with you on this post the color sceam, but if you would like too go see it all in colors you will have too head over too the link on top under my banner, just this one i will leave it here

Lots of love xoxo