Sunday, 22 June 2014

Very distance.

hello darlings, just a message too tell you im okay, just been having a very tough time at the moment i have found out some verry bad new's well more a bunch of bad new's. 4 people are having a very bad time at the moment with cancer, yep the big C word :( normaly you family members, you find out something bad at time and its every naw and then you find out they have it, but THIS month ive found out four of my close people who i adore are suffering for this anging thing, i am in bits atm, i cannot think about anything but cancer :( its not been good for me, now ive found out one of my closes frinds ever has breast cancer, i feel so lonely, and helpless because there is nothing i can do too make things better orr make this horrrible HORRIBLE thing get out of the peoples body i love, so just saying im okay and sorry for the lack of post as you can see my minds very very away just one thing after another, but i will be posting very soon im very sorry too my followers who have seen nothing or this post please stick by me. i will be doing a fundraser or something too raise money for cancer i will keep you all posted and i will see you all very soon, much love xoxo