Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ben lomond.

So.. what can i say about my day on saturday! well as im sat writing this i have two very swollen ankles. it was such a pretty view and i had everything i needed walm clothes the lots but i just dont think that i was fit enough too do the what was a 974 m, it was beautiful when i looked down, but i was only 45 mins from the top, which put me at a quart too go till the top, but i gave up i feel over twice and twisted both ankles feel in a river, and banged my head of a rock, and was sick! i aint no lara croft what a day i had lol! i wore jeggging vest top and some trainers and i was boiling even no it was raining and a storm on us, i was slipping ever where! i was not a happy girl lol.