Friday, 18 July 2014

My vegetarian story

Hello lovely's so today, im going too be writing something that i have been putting of for week's! maybe even when i first had my blog, as i was vegetarian when i started this blog
i started becaming a vegetarian january _ _ and i was one 11month it was really hard being one, when my husband adores meet and we had too make oh own food, or i had too leave out the meat with the things he was cooking..

How I became vegetarian. 

i was on a website and they were saying how what ever the animal eat you will end up eating the same thing, and that when they are sick you end up being poorly and you can get tap worms, and that freaked me out so much! i looked intoo the animal's being poorly etc and thought well thats a lie, it all been proceced where you can eat it and still be fine, but you can still get tap worms, or normal worms, (its even freaking me out thinking about it) i even thought about eating just organic animal stuff but that still made me think i dont and wont eat meat anymore very anxous reason not too eat meat but thats the reason.

 What peole though. 

My family was sooo nice, they took the mick like normal family did, like tell jokes or things like that but i just made me laugh, my little brother said why are you not eating meat that strange and thing like that, but he was just strangeed out with it, my sister was worried about me and made me buy a bag of beans that will help with my protein levels etc, but i dont think they though i would stick too it, but they helped so much they would buy food in for me when they invited us over for tea, and would buy me things too take home they really did make me feel better about myself and made me want too carry on with it, but then i would get negative people say stuff like, ha our food p*ss** on your food oh look at you mother earth, they would send me horrible meme's its was not nice.

Ups and downs.

I used to get so upset when i used too go out with the family and the only thing i could eat was the pasta or sometimes even just the bread! but then i went too frankie and bennys and they had the most amazing veggy burger i had ever tasted! i love them so much, i was like oh this isnt too bad! i can own this lol! i tried quorn meat for alittle while and it was all going well so that really help! so in the end i had too eat alot of processed food and felt sick eating stuff like cheese or pastas which have allway made me feel kinda yucky so i tried too become a  Pescetarianism  instead but i still felt strange

 My health.

After a half a year i started feeling very very dizzy all the time, every time i stood up or even walked too the shop, i though there was something very wrong with me my skin started too brake out in big patchy rash thing all over the top of my forehead, i felt so poorly and lacked movements and motivation i even gained a stone and a half in the year i became one, i just didnt understand what was going on, and it was really scary so my doctor gave me a blood test and said that, i needed too stop it was really not going good for my body, i became really low of iron in my body it was becomeing dangerous for thyroid problems as i lack iron anyways and have too take iron sups,

Try meat again.

I decided too try meat, it was at christmas, it felt so strange tooking intoo chicken with my family i was so full so fast i felt sick, but i started too fell really well and started getting the color back intoo my face, and not look or feel like i felt for 11 months! I WAS HAPPPY.

  1. Would i become one again!? nope, it was really bad for my health too the point where i could have caused serious damage too my body
  2. What do you think of other people?!   if it works for them then i am so happy for them, i really wished it had worked for me, because at the start i felt amazing! but close too the end i really didnt 


so hope you liked my post much love xoxo