Sunday, 6 July 2014

Five thing's to make time for on a sunday!

we heart it.

Sunday are none for 'day of rest' so i though i would do a make timme for post, ive seen this a couple of times and though i would share mine with you!  so enjoy, drink tea and relax.

1. Hot shower/Bath.

  • there is nothing better than a nice hot bath or shower, and lighting a candle weather you do or dont have a bath in your house *like me* i still always make sure there is a candle burning on the window still; it still gives you a relaxed feeling but when you have a bath then, add bubble bath and lay back with a nice book or soft music.


2. Pamper

  • Dig out your favorite pampering things and just breath in all the nice smelling stuff, here is a few of the things i love too pamper myself with

    • soap and glory's the scrub of your life this contains tiny beads that help remove dead skin cells and dry skin and smells so yummy!  this just makes me feel all pampared with out doing anything else so i just add my hollister crystal cave moisturizer but they dont sell this anymore so i cannot link it too you!




3. Reading

  • there is nothing better than finding a good book and just lying down and getting all cosy with a brew and just reading pages after pages.

    • at the moment im reading a book called where there's smoke by jodi picoult it seems good, but i am only 4 chapers intoo it so will let you all know how it is.



4. Hobbies 

  • Blog! that is the one thing i adore doing on a sunday! there is so much you can do on a sunday make a sunday of it and do it every sunday!

    • sunday currents, make time for sunday, movie day

    so hope you liked my sunday post, be sure too show me what you get up too on your rest day lots of love xoxo