Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How too BE A HAPPY BLOGGER! (: *

I have seen this so much! people getting sad over alot of things about blogging, i think you have too be dedicated and not to hold back and get upset about things like somebodys unfollowed me or am i making enough post? this blog isnt aimed at you or anybody else and im not saying you have too follow what im saying or do what am saying this is just my own opinion and what i go by and though i would share it with you, as i have had some friends really getting upset.

1 Numbers.

ignore them!  when i first started blogging i used too worry about how many people are following me, and when the numbers would go down, i felt like i had just lost a blog post or 
and i would get so upset thinking is it my blog post have i upset somebody whats going on?? but then i learnt that if i stoped looking i wouldent no if i lost a follower or if i gained any new one i noticed i would get new followers but i tried not too bother with numbers and then i wouldent get upset.   this goes for any comments you not getting or getting, reply too them when you do but dont worry if your not getting any one one of your post, doesnt mean people aint reading them.


2 Blog when you want to.   

You dont have too blog every single day, or how many times a day, do it when you feel you have something too write about, or even if its just a random photo you would like too share with people! i used too always think i had too blog every single day! but thats when it become like a chure like you feel you have too, and that where you find that blogging isnt going too be fun anymore, as you feel you need too do it too please everybody, but when it comes too blogging you cannot please everybody, there will be somebody who hates what you write and then people who adore every part of your blog! 

 3. Comparison

DO NOT! compaire your blog too other bloggers, you have your own voice dont think oh there a better writer than me, there themes better than mine! your blog is urse nobody elses, use your own words, find your own ideas, but you can get inspiration from other blogs and do tags, but please dont get upset about other peoples blog your blog is amazing how you do it.

4 Blog about what you like.

if there is something your really intresed in and you want too blog about it THEN DO IT! it makes it ur own, fight for what you like in a blog and do it thats what make your blog unique 

Be your own writer, write the stort storys of your life, in your little hideaway! and good luck with the story you can leave too your children or people in your life, i do the same offline just like leaving your map every where lots of love my darlings xoxox