Free from Frizz: Review.

Monday, July 14, 2014

So i was contacted by a company called free from fizz and they offered too send me out some blowout shampoo and conditioner and also they said they will send me a free kit too go with that free from frizz: 6 week blowout kit and i asked for the normal/fine hair so this is my review and photos of them both!

*free from frizz blowout watermelon shampoo and conditioner*

1) The smell is amazing!
2) Left my hair feeling very thick and shiney
3) Really good condition while wet
4) Noticed a big difference in the color it changed like a whitey blonde after me using it
5) Only need too wash my hair 3 times in the week


i adored the shampoo and conditioner so much i am going too be buying it when i do run out! nothing more i want in a shampoo and  conditioner 10/10.




free from frizz: 6 week blowout watermelon kit for normal/fine hair

1) Doesnt smell as nice as the other shampoo

2) Made hair feel smooth while wet

3) Made straighten easy

4) Looked nice after washed 

 Not sure i will be buying this, but i read that it doesnt react well too bleached and damaged hair so may be thats why i didnt work well in my hair? but but apart from that i gave it a 8/10 as it has made my hair feel really soft 

If you would like too buy any of the products above then you can buy them here and here


Much love xoxo



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