Monday, 14 July 2014

Reading List #1

So tonight I thought i would do a post on the things i read daily and what i read them on, so you are free too copy this post, and make your own 'reading list' post! so let me get right into it.

Website: Blog lovin becouse it has all my favorite bloggers all in one place and i dont have too click on there blog it just shows me all there latest blog post! love it!

Book: Style lauren conrad  is a really nice read! it has all the best ways too style things from shoes, too tops and even has makeup for every day life! i just love her book, and its such a pretty book that makes me wont all the things inside!! 

Blog: I found this blog when i was looking around twitter for new bloggers and different kinds of post! and i found Olivias blog and fell in love!! i adore the way she write her post with such clever wording when she explains a new product shes been trying! and dont even get me started with how beautiful she is! *cries* :) SO you should go cheak out her pretty blog! 

Youtube: Melon ladyshe has been one of my favourites since i can remember i love that she has a blog and daily vlogging too go with them, he bubbly personality really makes me feel better about myself, she really is one of a kind and i wish she was a friend because all her mates sheem too really have fun while there in her videos!! go watch her and get addicted too her little youtube life!!!

Magazine: Company! i just love how the magazine is layered out and really easy too read and the clothes that you see in it, wow! WOW! i just wish i could put my hand in and drag them out lol!, i have always seemed too have read it even when i was younger, i used too get it with what ever money i could get my hands on! 

Instergram: tbekeeler he has such cute photos and always seems too make me laugh with his silly little poses! just lovvve him!

Sooo hope you liked my reading list!! tell me what youve been reading this month and ill update mine next month! much love xoxo