Sunday, 27 July 2014


nightmare art.


Hello, im thought i would write this post because i had a very bad night tonight i went too sleep at about 8 o'cock as i was really teird, and i had the most unexpected nightmare.

i have been suffering from night terrors as far as being one and under but they are always so real they are horrible, i have been too the doctors so many times that i have lost count, i have even 7 dream catchers and they are ment too work old wives tale, they tent too not work tbh, i got told too have a cup of tea or warm milk before bed as it relaxis the mind, or i got offered medication as a child and adult but the sideaffects are bad dream!!

when i was little i used too dream about people under the stairs and people and things in the corner of the room, and clowns, but in my older years i dream about the most horrible stuff none too man!  and i feel like i have so sorta body thing like tonight i was in a dark corridore trying too find tommy i could hear him but only his voice was there (turnes out he was on the phone too his dad and my dream was playing with me) but he was no where too be found, and i had these monsters that where inside my mind that kept controling my mind and my heart, and tricking me intoo differnt things, it felt like i was having hallucination which is very common for me anyway but it hard too explain but i feel like im waking up in my mind my not waking up in my body!? as i felt awake but was sleeping was tryin too shout tommy but no words were coming out it was horrible i felt so alone, and the night mare was like a really life situation think they call it sleep paralysis i only ever have them when im really stressed..

when i was tring for a baby, i would always be in a dark corridor waiting too give birth then all of a suddon it would go really really light, there was nobody around just my family in a big glass room but i was shouting them and then a grim reaper looking thing would dragg my baby out of my and i would have lost the baby that was the dream i had the night before i lost my baby in real life.

so the dream i have are so really sometimes it really scares me and i dont want too go back too sleep with out feeling scared, because sometime my brain decides too 'finish' of where i ended or it would start again from the beginning but that only if i wake up before it ending i have had that ever since i was little too?  

does anybody else have vivid dream or no any who does, i would really like help on stoping them! or any thing that would help. 

Much love'