Thursday, 7 August 2014

MAC review.

Hello darlings i hope your all good and well, i have been very busy this last week or so and this is the only chance i have had too blog! i have been in manchester looking after my very sick father in law, and the bad thing is i will more than likely have too go back for a week in the next day or so, BUT i will be taking my laptop with me maybe, but it is a long 8 hrs drive so im a bit scared of having it with me all the way! but we will see aye?! .. 

so while i was away i got alot of makeup, but this best thing i got was a MAC mascara and its the most amazing mascara i have ever used! like really ever used ever ever everrr!! lol sorry little excited about this makeup product, so i thought i would do a reveiw on it? yeah iknow that i have only had it a week but i have really seeen a big change in my lashis so lets get straght ahead aye chicken?

MAC mascara. was a pressent from my neice but i cannot find it online anywhere and i dont no why?! so i cannot get price for you sorry!

Good Points:

  1. Water: when i go out i always get hayfever and while i have been wearing it its not ran at all, or when my little neice sprinkled water on my face it never came of which is really good, as i have bad reactions too mascara and watery eyes!
  2. The brush: its amazing! makes the lashis look like dolly lashis
  3. The mascara it self:  it has a funny cosmetic smell, which goes after you had put it on, its not very wet when you add it, when you are applying it, it doesnt stick too your skin when you blink! which is amazing for me as when im applying mascara i alway blink and get it everywhere and take of half my other makeup!

So i give it a 8/10...




So have you used this MAC mascara? and what did you think?

much love xoxo