Sunday, 24 August 2014

90 Tag!

                                             The Questions  are:

1. Favorite TV show?  Saved by the bell!!!

2. Favorite Toy? more than likely the Trolls, them stick on earling thinys that were just stickers lol! pogs! omgosh!!!

3. Favorite Commercial ? Crayola did some fun ones?

4. NSync or Backstreet Boys? Backstreet boy!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend? I LOVED THEM! jelly shoes, sketchers, denim and baby g's

6. Favorite Collectables ?  Trolls and beanie babys! and pogs!

7. Favorite Beanie Baby ? there was a elephant one i adored!

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through? wow!! tooo many lol i once had one alive for a month i was dead happy lol

9. Favorite Game Console + Game?  Atari

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie?  thats so ravon! and the something sister??? comment if you no which one i mean really cannot remember thattt?!

11. Favorite Music Artist? bewitched!! spice girls

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show?  Sabrina the teenage witch and  Clarissa explains It All

13. Favorite Candy? ring pops! and push pops

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)?  Hand Games! i loved them!

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy? they did like theese Barbie toys like fairys and stuff? was that 90?

16. Favorite Book? goosebumps !!! i loved the show too

17. Favorite Clothing Store? i really dont remember lol!

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school? goosebumps Sabrina the teenage witch and  Clarissa explains It All,  byker grove soo much!

i tag you 90's kidd!

lots of love.