Sunday, 24 August 2014

sorry || what going on.


hello, august is nearly over, which mean so is summer! im sorry too say it. 
i just like too say im sorry i have been a really poo blogger, but its been so hard too blog the days have just been going very fast, with all the sleeping ive done, it only felt like yesterday i did my last post but it wasnt! as you no my health is been very bad, and it very scary what's been happening, my left ear keeps going d i cannot here anything other than i high buzzing sound, and using the laptop has been very painfull for my eyes, but i will be going too the doctors too discuss maybe having sinus surgery, they say it can be very helpfull for somebody with constent blocked sinus so i will keep you all posted, please dont unfollow me for the lack of post, i really am trying my hardist!  i promise i will be a better blogger soon
lots of love.