Monday, 18 August 2014

Deeeper than deep.

Little bit about it..

i watched it! the faults in our stars! the movie, omgosh i cried at the book, but the film the film! that was another thing, when you read a book, and your imagination put a picture i your head, and when you watch the film of the book and its NOTHING like you imagination picture it makes you feel so strange but the film was amazing! SPOLER ALERT, when they go in the secret annex and shes struggling too breath but still going up all the stairs, but shes didnt no that gus's cancer had come back and it was killing him, and he was wearing his 'deathsuite' when they go on the date, and it makes you think did he get it cos he was dying, he said he got it when he was dying the last time? but he would have been a differnt size weight etc. so did he get it cos he was dying again? wow the list is endless they did leave alot out of the book, but then made some parts of the book film amazing and when you are putting your imagination in when they go too Amsterdam too see van houten and he turns out too be just a drinken jerk, well in the film, the pain and the frustration in there faces made the whole story much more real and just how i imaginad it, in his scruffy pj drink whisky with his fan mail everywhere!!! and it made you want too just jump in too the tv and kick his ass!! ... and when she get the eulogy augustus had written for her at the end of the funeal, and when she went home and cryed her eyes out, this broke my heart intoo a milllion peices!! 

real life

watching somebody die from lung cancer is horrrible thing, i have just been witnessing this, the last couple of months with one of my close friends and he lost his life also.. it just makes you think that life, is for making the most of it, it may sounds stupid but it inspired me too life more, and spend time with the people that matter more than anything, life is worth lifeing! weather you have depresstion or other things in your life! grab it by the b*lls and think nope i will beat anything life frows at you! like they say pain is meant too be felt just inprase the inevitable and smile .. sorry if this post was a blobbering mess and disaster this is what happens when you let a verry hormonel girl watch a film with lots if heartach..  my heart has beem ripped out and filled with emptyness..

okay?.. OKAY 

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