Thursday, 21 August 2014


i though i would do a quick and easy blog post, while my head seems too be less thuddy! yep im ill again! this time with chronic sinusitis! and this cold weather isnt helping really lol.

so... i thought i would do a must have essentials/tips! i have saw this on a few of my baloved blog's atm so i though i would share with you some of mine!! 

Walm pj's or onesie!

i adore the pjs they have started doing atm for the cold weather coming in! eee kinda makes me excited. heres some of my favoritess



nothing like a fliffy 'ugg' boot slippers too make your feet feel like your walking on marshmellow fluffy clouds here is some of my favoritess



there is so many more that i adore that started coming out but it not quite there so no xmas jumpers just yet


walm walking boots are a must need! iknow you see cold and you think ooooh ugg boots BUT when it snows your feet will get so cold and wet you will be poorly!!

 i adore biker boots for the winter too as they always have a good grip!


 Fluffy socks!!

i adore them more than any sock out there!! as im writing them i have some fluffy black knee sockys on, who doesnt like there? there even good too go skidding across you wood floorr ;) 

Fun stuff!! 

hot chocolate
nice bath/shower things
lots of nice food