Monday, 11 August 2014


 Favourite tea?
There is certain type of tea i love, but then there is some that make me feel really sick but i adore the normal 
milkey teas with sugar! yummy but i have started drinking alot of peppermint tea and even started drinking camomile tea before bed and it helps me sleep! 

  Favourite Sunday morning breakfast?
porridge!!! with cinnamon and raisins! 

  Favourite time of day? 
night time! when you have done all you stuff, and you can have a nice hot shower and just relax doing the stuff you like too do :)

  Favourite spot in your city/town?
the park facing us i love too go on little adventure and take beautiful photos 

  Favourite place for finding inspiration?
all over the internet really i love looking around for inspirations, and on all the blogs i follow 
  Favourite bands for some winter evening tunes?
katy perry? is she a band? nope oh lol just here really lol but ive been lishing too big bruva alot again this summer 

  Favourite day of far? 
There are a few days i have loved, but i would say traviling up too manchester with my husby just me him and the road? corrrney haha

  Favourite verb?

  Favourite life-affirming thing to do?
spending time with my family and friends and cats 

 Favourite this very moment? 
camomile tea before bed with a book