Monday, 11 August 2014

Robin Williams

wow! no words, can explain the pain i feel for the death of a very talented man! he was always there when i came home from school or i would be sad and i would put on one of his films! i grew up with this dude on the tv! not only was he a loving father and husband and actor but he did so much for childrens charitys, he was a very loved man and so many people are going too miss him. child hood hero taken too soon, thankyou for keeping my childhood funny...

Some of my favorite film's

1 Night at the Museum

 2 Patch Adams 

 3 Aladdin

4 Mrs. Doubtfire 

5  Hook 

6 Happy Feet

7 Robots 

8 Flubber 

9 Jack 

10 Jumanji

11 Bicentennial Man


rip you amazing man.