Friday, 22 August 2014

lovely questions.

MAKING: a sketch book atm.. photo's will be up soon

COOKING nothing!  not really had a hungry feeling the last week, with me being poorly which has made me lose half a stone.. oopes :/

DRINKING walm vimbto

READING   the woman who went to bed for a year

WANTING too sleep lol! but been sleeping for 24 hrs already

LOOKING at sketch ideas

PLAYING  music? :p  .... Papa roach: scars

 DECIDING if i have the wrong kind of people close too my heart :(

WISHING that   i could have a big massive takeaway and not feel sick lol! i feel kinda hungry but not?

ENJOYING the couch bed being out in the living room while poorly ooopes

WAITING for the medication too start working

LIKING  that winter is coming eee!

WONDERING  if it going too snow for xmas again!

LOVING  winter hahah!!! ... lol all the walm cosy clothes that have started coming in at all the shops in my town!!

PONDERING weather to watch a film or not,, i need too wear earphones as tommy playing his ps4 and hes quite nosy BUT! it hurts my ears with this infection booohooo

CONSIDERING too make a brew

WATCHING nothing

HOPING that she would just leave him alone!

MARVELLING at cat illustrations on google

NEEDING to stop worring about other people

SMELLING nothing! wahahahahaa

WEARING fluffy panda jumper with some unicorn shorts lol! trendy me haha

FOLLOWING +FunForLouis he makes me laugh and lives the life i wish i could live! he travels all over the world!

KNOWING i can beat depresstion!!!! i can!

FEELING sleeeepy

ADMIRING my beautiful kitty who is sleeping at the side of me

SORTING out my xmas list! yes iknow im so keen!! eeee excited though

i tag you too do this very nice questions <3 

lot of love, xoxo