Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quite sunday

Today isnt going too be a big post, im just having a very quite sunday, i didnt go too bed till 6 this morning, i have had a very bad routine and trying my hardist too stay awake all day! omgosh what a bad idea, but i need doctors tomorrow and i have a funeral thrusday, jeeeez just one night can turn you up side down, so this is what ill be getting up too..

Favorite sweetiess: 
 i adore this jelly beans so much i love all the different flavories you get! nomnom

Book im reading:
just started reading this and ive nearly read it, i adore it so far! look for a review soon

Cat cuddles:
I adore these two little babas louie wouldent keep still for a photo so have a sleepy oreo! bless 

ill try remembering the name for you soon its a japanesse name soo lol

Hope you have a nice sunday lots of lovee xxxx