Friday, 15 August 2014

Teen | Help.

When i hit 13, i felt the most emotional teen in the world! and i didnt no why i felt like that, so in this post i thought i would help all you teen's who are struggling with things from friends, school, problems the lot! im not saying that i am the teen angel and can fix all your problems but i have been there and can help you alittle! 

Body change:

wow! this is a big one aye? when you become a teenager your body changes in so many ways!  (its happing too eveybody else, your not the only one feeling bad/strange) opening up too somebody is normaly the best thing you can do, find somebody you feel like you can talk too they are more than likely wanting somebody too talk too about the same problems your having give each other some tips and advice so you aint feeling alone.


they just come outa no where! one min you are wearing a cute little
vestop then you start getting bigger you feel so ashamed/enbarrasted you cannot hide them! i tell you now! YOU WILL LOVE THEM! they make you the person you are, so grow bigger than others or smaller, me my were smaller than alot of my friends, and i did really wounder why and it did upset me but there was a reason behind that, HORMONES! (yep them horrible thing that tend too jump in at the wrong time) but they do grow so dont worry if there big or small they are still there and make you beautiful!

Body hair:

your not a kid anymore you are going too start getting hair in places you would never dream of hair being! you will feel strange it just means your growing up dont worry about it, its happening too every girl and boy your ages :) 




this one is a very scary thing, the first time you start your period is the most confusing stressfull times of your little teen life, you feel like a rollercoster going up and down your mood swings are everywhere you feel like there is nobody who understand's you, 


  • carry a pad with you all the time and if you find it embarrassing the pop it in a makeup bag or alittle side pocket in your bag that nobody will see
  • when your period ends you will still get browny colored blood still wear a pad and dark pants just too be sure it over
  • if you are cought with out then just pop tissue there and go too your nurse they will have one you can use, and then after always carry one with you orr write a period diary sounds silly but it really does help
  • if you get cramps dont worry just pop too the nurse or take some femidom which helps amazing, just tell you teacher you need too pop too the nurse a you have a headache that way you dont need too tell the whole class




the butterfly feeling! oh boy i remember my first one!! eek i though that i was going too marry him and told everybody i was in love! bless!! but this is still a strange time, and the emotions and the crying if he doesnt like you, you have too try and move on i know its hard but girl there better crush in the cup! find somebody else, who know they might like you back and be your husband forver! hehe 

first kiss:

oh this one is a cute topic but very scary too right?!  TAKE YOUR TIME! you really do not have too rush intoo this, even if your friends have all had theres doesnt mean your not pretty or nobody likes you, maybe the other person is shy too? maybe tell him you like him? scary iknow but how are you gonna find out :) and wait for it too come  soo do it when its right and when you both feel ready for it.




oh sometimes you feel so angry when they tell you that you have too come in when you are having the best time with you friends or with your date. or they walk in on you in your bedroom, tell you too clean up.. this is them just getting you ready for when you grow up and have your own children, they really are only telling you this becouse they really do care, i though that my parent were just there too mess my life up and there just too be embarrassing! they aint! i promise you, i wish i could of told my youngerself the same thing.

Help with feelings:


  1. Write a diary 2. blog 3. talk too a friend who is going through the same things. 4. read the internet.. <3

     dont wish too grown up! these are the years you learn too be who you are and the shape of your adulthood


    i really reaaaally hope that i helped in some way too make your teenage life alittle bit bettter. you dont have too feel depressed/scared alone, lots of love xoxox