Saturday, 20 September 2014

30 Idea's you can do with a notepad/journal.

This is my journal. cannot show you the inside as its private. sorry.

So.. everybody know how obsessed!! with pretty notepad's so i decided too give you some idea's you can use your notepad/journal!  so lets get started ;)

i started writing a journal when i was 10! and i used too love writing about what i did at school or what i had for tea! but then in my teens i used too write about the bad things that have happend like losing the only bestfriend i had as a younger child, we used too do everything with each other! we lost contact when we both became 13 and after that we didnt really met or do anything together but then i found out she died, and reading back the fun things we did i am so glad i was clever enough too write them all down! or when i was getting bullied it felt good just too write them down too somebody who wasnt real? and who could get me more in trouble.. i even wrote my first pregnancy worries and feelings so im glad i can look back at what i was craving or how i felt that day i even wrote in there about my misscarrage's i have so many i might do a page too page on my childhood diaries one day if i feel brave lol! 

so what can you do with your's?

  1. Write a letter to yourself in the future.
  2.  List all of the places you've ever lived or all the places you would like too go.
  3.  Write down all your favorite blog's and there links so you always have them.
  4. Blogging post
  5. Todo list
  6. write down all your favorite quotes
  7. day too day diary
  8. Three ThingsThree things you can’t go without.Three celebrity crushes.Three favorite book characters.Three favorite things to wear.Three things you want in a relationship.If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?Three pet peeves.Three things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid.Three favorite TV shows.
  9.  100 Things I Love
  10.  Cooking Recipes/Baking Recipes 
  11.  Hair Styles 
  12.  Makeup tips
  13.  day plans 
  14. Gift Ideas
  15.  Thoughts on life
  16.  Things to do before you die 
  17.  Goals 
  18. List
  19.  things you want too watch
  20.  memory of the day 
  21. wishlist
  22.  Birthday/wedding/event Planning 
  23.  Art journal
  24. Challenges
  25. Photo diary
  26. 100 words aday
  27. list of food you want too try
  28. shopping list
  29.  rainy day idea's
  30. when your sad list (thing you can do too make you happy)
  Hope you liked my idea's for your journal/notepad! i will be doing the how i blog post very soon lots have come up with that so im afraid your going too have too wait alittle bit sorry!
all so i will be going too manchester a week saturday but ill be having a surprise guest blogger so keep your eyes open for her blog post! 

 lots of love.