Sunday, 21 September 2014

How i blog!

I've been planning to do a post on this for a while, but not had the write words and mindset for this, but today i had alittle bit of an inspiration and words just came flooding in, it was last night while i was tossing and turning not being able too sleep so lets get straight too the post or ill be rambling as long as you let me.


How could i be a blogger with out my laptop? i think im a little bit ocd as i love more than anything using my own laptop with photoshop and all my edited photos and other software, and all my photos are in the place i want, when i use somebody elses i kinda feel empty and i just cannot blog the same with out them iknow how too use my own laptop and the buttons just seem right while i type away !

Digital Camera:
I use my trusty 'Nikon Coolpix L330' i adore this so much it has this setting on it called 'closeup' and it perfect for taking photos of my beauty products for my favories or photos of myself when im dying my hair a crazy color. 


wow! i will be lost with out my samsung i use this too write all my todo list and use the filters too make my photos pop when im not using photoshop..

the app i used for taking notes is called.

i really would be lost with out this app as i can take notes at the most random times, as i cannot always have a bunch of notepads and pens with me.. 

but you can make all kinds of list like

what too watch 

all sorts and you can add them all too diffferent pages so it all in complete order unless you not like me you can have your list any where :)


these come in handy when you just wont too write you blog post down where your at your familys and you just want too word it all out before you write it down for the whole world too see, i even write all my todo list just so i have it in another place just incase my phone deletes everything or something happens too it.. (eek scarry thought)


i have used  photoshop since i was 16 and i adore it so much!!!! like i use it for everything when it comes too blogging like when i do a tag i liked too make the tag banner too pop on the top when im doing currently sunday the writeing at the top has been made on photoshop or when i need too edit and make the photo 'POP' or just too add somethinng too make the photo alittle better

here are some of my tricks:

1) Open up the photo you would like too edit.

2) mess around with the brightness and contrast you will find this in  ( image . adjustments )


3) if you would like too add some text all i do its go too dafont.
and you can pick a font you like from there and then install it on too your computer like this..

then when you want too add writing too your photo..


then after that i write my blog post and post it too you lovely people :)

 i really really hope you liked my how i blog post! and you got some kinda inspration from me. AND this was my 200th blog post remember here when i said there would be a competition!!! so that day has come!! eeee, you have till tomorrow night too like my facebook page here and like my twitter here and you are in chance of winning a NEW THEME! <3 so good luck too the winner. <3

lots of love.