Tuesday, 23 September 2014


This is a video i have wanted too write too you for a while. and tell you how much i do like you and a little apology please forgive me. i never really liked my body growing up, i was always asked if i had anorexia or some kind of eating disorder, the truth is i dont think i ate like the normal teenager but i did like a healthy childhood/teenage live and i did eat. but that another story..

but reasently i have seen my body in such a different light and do feel good about myself and every part of my body hense my little apology.. i dont no if its just me seeing it different i dont no if its the weight ive lost but who knows so let's get too the apology post. 

Dear hair. im sorry i put you through all the heartache and messed with you, and burn you till you are a completely differnt color! but i do really love that that one time you started crying and falling out! you didnt make me bald and i thankyou so much for that!

Dear eyes: i love that you change color from green too blue too gray, you are the reason i can see my beautiful husbands face and read all the many books i have read and even be able too see what im writeing, it because of you i get so many complements.

Dear Lips: im sorry when i was younger i used too cry because you are so big! but i adore how big you are because theres more room for lipstick and you are very kissable (so ive been told) i love i can feed you and make you smile! 

Dear hand: i do love you alot, thanks too you i can write blog post! and eat and drink and do quite alot of things i even forgive the fact that you hurt alot because you do but up with alot from me even when you are sore i carry on using you too write very long blogpost and i just love how small you are

Dear feet:  THANKYOU so much for letting me see alot of places and being my transport too places i need too go! like too the kitching too make a lovely cup of tea! and i just love how small you are!

Dear brain: thankyou so much for makeing my words come out and for my little arty thing you let me draw, im sorry i get so frustrated with you sometimes

Dear boobies: thankyou for being so round a pretty i adore how you make my clothes look really pretty, and when i was a teenager and i was only an aa22 im sorry i said i hated how small you were! but when you got older you shown me that you were just growing very slow

Dear skin thankyou so much for always being so clear and clean and not spotty even when my hormones are bad you only give me one or two spots, i even dont mind that i have a horrible skin rash on my kneck that i have had for as long as i can remember! and how you always have very rosey cheeks i still love you <3

Hope you enjoyed this post i loved putting it together, i tag you too do this yourself, i will be doing this as a youtube video very soon but for the time being you can see what videos i already have here 

lots of love.