Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Little Things i love.

Hello lovelys! i thought because i have been laking post lately! i would do a fun post! and share with you my most favorite things that aint beauty relasted or my month favorites! 
this post is related too another little post i did not long ago called this i love too make me feel renewed? so i guess its like the photos too the things i love too do? you can find the post i mean  here
so here are a few of my favorite things! there would have been alittle bit more but my camara lovely-eyly ran out of chargee! (remind me too get rechargabel battery charger and stop spening alot of money on normal batteries on a week basses!)
here we go! 

Yep! this is my  amazing baby that get all my ohotos perfect for you guys and my blog i would be so lost with out her! what camara do you have? if you have trouble with taking photos i have an old post you can read here how too help you take some snip snaps for you blog

 Manga! i adore reading japanees books, and i just love how some of them are backwards? and if you dont no what manga is its a 'style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels, typically aimed at adults as well as children' but i adore the cartoon comic look too it and wow the pages are amazzzzing!

yep! sticker are aaamazing there just the most sweeties little sticky paper eveeer i use the
in so many different ways! i use them in my day too day diary or in my little pen pal letters. 

 candles! are my favorite thing in the whole world! even though i still cannot smell very well they still make me smile when i light them after a nice how shower!

 stationary stationary stationary stationary stationary !! yep i adore stationary so much i wrote it six times sorry just look at home adoreable it is? and this aint even half of what i have!! if you would like maybe a tour then comment below! 

BOOK'S ARE LOVE! these are just a few of my favorite books, i am half way reading the woman who went for bed for a year it such a happy book! but i adoreeeee john green all so! 

food! if it looks like this in englad/scotland i will be fat forever!! look at the box and packet! omgosh

i love sketching! anything if you come too my house or even no me you no that i cannot go aday with out drawing some little silly photo or even manga or little flowers or graphic photos!

anima! all of it, if you can tell me one too watch i will love you forever ! :)

and  dinosaurs  and unicorns and kittys! <3

what is your favorite things? 

 lots of love.